GE Digitizes Tata Power Fleet in India

Tata Power in India has this week started utilizing a digital asset management system from GE to optimize its thermal fleet.

And it plans to roll out the same Predix Asset Performance Management solution across its renewable plants, which will then see the system working across 8 GW of power.

Anne McEntee, chief executive of GE Renewable Energy Digital Services, said the TATA deal “is a milestone in the evolution of GE’s digital strategy in energy”.

“Digital also enables flexibility and the power market transformation is a race for flexibility. As TATA’s generations sources diversify, the integration and orchestration across assets becomes even more critical.”

GE has implemented Predix across nine thermal sites for a period of seven years. Tata Power chief executive Praveer Sinha said the technology will help Tata “be the leading power company in India and globally by constantly upgrading our assets with state-of-the-art technology”.

GE said the solution will help Tata “reduce its O&M expenses, optimize availability, reliability, reduce risk, and reduce costs through intelligent asset strategies, as well as improve maintenance planning for its power plants”.

The renewables deal is still being developed, however it will cover Tata Power’s wind and solar assets across 10 sites. The windfarms covered include seven different OEM wind turbine models totalling 1 GW.

Andrew DeLeone, Managing Director of GE Power India, said: “Given the enormous potential of digitization and IIoT to drive operational performance, this technology will help improve asset reliability and availability while reducing O&M costs. GE remains committed to improve India’s thermal assets, thereby moving the country forward in its journey towards cleaner power.”

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