FST Enables Solar Energy System to Increase Public Awareness

Fat Spaniel Technologies (FST), provider of critical information services for distributed energy generation systems, announced the launch of a real-time remote monitoring system and display for the 267-kilowatt (kW) solar energy system completed last July in Loma Linda, California.

The FST data monitoring and reporting solution transforms previously invisible raw energy data into information that enables improved system maintenance, energy management assessment, performance-based incentive (PBI) payments under the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program as well as provides enhanced public awareness for the City’s clean energy efforts. The system combines data from four independent solar energy systems located on top of buildings and carports owned by the City. Installed by Alpha Energy, the project’s 1,600 solar panels will provide clean electricity to all Loma Linda municipal buildings that are generating 430 megawatt-hours (MWh) annually. In addition to enhancing public awareness through a kiosk displaying a live data view installed in the Loma Linda City Hall, Fat Spaniel’s information services will handle service and maintenance for the city-owned solar energy system through performance reports and real-time alerts. The revenue-grade reporting services will provide live and historical views of energy being generated, consumed and/or returned to the grid. “The dynamic, Flash-based web view provided by Fat Spaniel presents a unique educational tool for the community, allowing the public to see and understand solar energy production in real-time,” explained Dennis Halloway, Loma Linda City Manager. “Ultimately the historical monitoring capabilities will also arm our team with the information they need to effectively maintain and improve performance of the solar energy system and increase energy efficiency throughout our city buildings.”
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