Florida Groups Support New US $114M Renewables Fund

Three renewable energy groups, the Florida Renewable Energy Association, Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy and the Florida Renewable Energy Producers Association last week announced their support for a clean energy fund to help solve the crisis in funding the state’s renewable energy programs. The groups said that it would not only allow these programs to continue but expand to a full economic development program.

An assessment of one-half mil would be applied to all electrical consumption in the state. In tax terms, one mil is 1/1000 of a dollar or US $1.00 in tax for every $1000 of assessment. The result would be a fee of approximately US $0.58 per month for the average. The small fee on each bill would raise over $114 million per year. The groups said the cost to customers could be easily offset if each house replaced one light bulb with a CFL.

“This is mining the potential of energy efficiency to help create the new green workforce,” said Craig Williams, executive director of the Florida Renewable Energy Association. “It’s the American way. When we’re faced with a crisis, we join together, get innovative, buckle down and get things done.”

According to polls conducted by Mason-Dixon, 80% of Floridians say that they would be willing to pay up to $1 per month extra on their electric bill to support solar development programs.

The fund would be allocated to go toward the following:

  • 50% to renewable energy installation incentives
  • 25% for low-interest loans for consumer installations
  • 10% for Florida manufacturing incentives for renewable energy equipment
  • 8% for a high-profile educational campaign to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • 5% for administration
  • 2% for monitoring and evaluation

For more information on the proposal, click here.

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