First Installation of New Anaerobic Digester Technology

Environmental Power Corporation, in collaboration with Dairyland Power Cooperative, formally commissioned the first of its electricity generating anaerobic digester systems. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held this week, at the Five Star Dairy in Elk Mound, WI, to commemorate this milestone.

The facility has been designed and constructed by Microgy, Inc., Environmental Power’s principal operating subsidiary. The facility is believed by Microgy to produce substantially more electricity from a given quantity of animal and organic wastes than any other anaerobic digester system built for commercial purposes in the United States. The facility is the first installed in the United States utilizing a proven Danish technology licensed exclusively to Microgy for deployment in North America. The system is projected to generate approximately 6.5 million kWh annually from the waste of about 800 milk cows, an output that is sufficient to supply approximately 600 homes. “With our first-mover advantage in producing biofuels from agricultural waste management processes, we hope to continue leading the way in the growing market for green energy,” said Kam Tejwani, president and chief executive officer, Environmental Power Corporation. In addition to producing renewable energy, anaerobic digesters are recognized as a solution to environmental and regulatory compliance issues related to animal waste disposal. Microgy’s system can help farmers reduce ground and surface water pollution and minimize odors while freeing land for increased herd sizes, which is expected to help lower farm operation and maintenance costs. Anaerobic digesters also produce residual byproducts, including compost, bedding materials and pollution management credits that can serve as additional sources of revenue.
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