Feed-In Tariffs: The Best Tool for Spreading Renewable Energy

Miguel Mendonca of the World Future Council has just written a new book on feed-in tariffs titled, Feed-In Tariffs: Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy. Miguel says that feed-in tariffs are the best and fastest way to spread renewable energy around the globe. We’ll talk to Miguel about why policymakers should support this valuable tool for renewables.

Also in the podcast: Educating youngsters about renewable energy. We’ll look at how data monitoring and solar installation companies are working with schools to supply them with clean energy and create curriculum around energy literacy. And, we feature a piece from Denis Du Bois, Editor of Energy Priorities, on renewable energy and demand response. Denis is host of the “Energy Minute” podcast and will be an occasional contributor to our podcast. Inside Renewable Energy offers the latest in renewable energy news and information.

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