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EU PVSEC will take place September 6-10 in Valencia, Spain. Photovoltaics World is at the show, bringing back news, new product announcements, and the solar industry buzz in Europe today, particularly Spain. Bookmark this page for exhibitor news, announcements from the show, co-located events, and more.

EU PVSEC will take place September 6-10 in Valencia, Spain. Photovoltaics World is at the show, bringing back news, new product announcements, and the solar industry buzz in Europe today, particularly Spain. In advance of the show, check out these exhibit previews. Bookmark this page for continuing coverage up to and during the EU PVSEC tradeshow, such as exhibitor news, announcements from the show, co-located events, and more.

Announcements from the show:

European Photovoltaic Observatory monitoring service launches from EPIA
To monitor renewable energies such as photovoltaic solar electricity (PV) in the European Union (EU), the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) launched the European Photovoltaic Observatory this week at EU PVSEC in Valencia, Spain. The group advocates use of solar power to help the EU meet its crucial climate and energy targets. 

German Solar Demand on Record Pace in 2010; Feed-in Tariffs Updated
Photovoltaic system installations in the first half of 2010, estimated at 3 GWp, continue to consolidate Germany’s position as the world’s largest photovoltaic (PV) market and an attractive investment location for PV companies.

AEIS hooks up PV in Germany, Czech Republic
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. has established its first grid connections at multiple sites located in Germany and the Czech Republic.




Applied Materials reports significant advances in PV technologies at PVSEC 
Applied Materials Inc., will highlight its latest technology advances in PV this week in Valencia, Spain. Applied will present innovative developments for the PV factories of the future — from higher efficiency crystalline silicon and thin film technology, to smart automation systems to boost manufacturing productivity and yield.

SiGen debuts kerf-free PV production system, offers talk on the subject
In an invited talk at the 35th IEEE PV Specialists Conference, SiGen reviewed crystalline silicon kerf-free wafering technologies. At the upcoming 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (25th EU PVSEC) in Valencia, Spain, SiGen will present the PolyMax production system.

New Jenoptik c-Si PV products will be at EU PVSEC
The Lasers and Material Processing division of Jenoptik will debut a infrared disk laser and a laser system for photovoltaics tech like MWT and EWT.

Solar edition MES cmNAVIGO 3.0 will debut at EU PVSEC
Critical Manufacturing updated its MES offering with cmNavigo 3.0 Solar Edition: adding functionality for manufacturing efficiency and cost reduction in complex automation environments for solar cell production. 

Solar cell tabbing interconnect, flux from Balver Zinn Group at EU PVSEC 
The BALVER ZINN Group, alloy provider, will highlight its solar applications in Hall4/Level2/A51a at the 25th EU PVSEC in Valencia, Spain from 6-9 September 2010. 

Conductive adhesives for solar module assembly: Henkel at EU PVSEC
Henkel will display some of the company’s recent innovations in electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) technology at EU PVSEC. HYSOL ECCOBOND CE3103WLV is an electrically conductive adhesive designed for assembly of thin-film solar substrates. HYSOL ECCOBOND CA3556HF has been formulated to deliver low-temperature curing at 150°C and a cure time of 5 sec.

VSEA ion implant for solar data debuts during EU PVSEC
Concurrent with EU PVSEC, VSEA will present new information about how ion implant technology can improve solar cell efficiency while reducing manufacturing costs. Varian’s Solion Blue process is used to produce efficient P-type mono-crystalline silicon photovoltaics.

Silver pastes debut from Heraeus in time for PVSEC
Heraeus released SOL9383 and SOL9400 silver pastes for solar cell manufacture. SOL9383 is formulated to make contact on P+ surface of N-Type Cells. SOL9400 targets use as a front-side silver paste for crystalline silicon photovoltaics.

Dow Chemical PV product preview for EU PVSEC
DOW will showcase materials that aid in PV ingot slicing, thermal transfer, metallization, cleaning, and myriad other roles, such as encapsulating modules, at this year’s EU PVSEC in Valencia, Spain. Product descriptions are included.

Solar installation improved with Dow Corning sealant and potting agent 
Dow Corning Corp. introduced Dow Corning PV-8080 neutral sealant and Dow Corning PV-7321 potting agent, expanding its offering for solar/PV module installation materials and offering competion to photovoltaics installation materials like PV tape. 

IPVEA PV supply chain tool on exhibit at EU PVSEC
The International PV Equipment Association (IPVEA) will demo the PV Matrix solar supply chain tool in stand L2/H2/A8 at the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition.

DEK launches Eclipse metallization line at EU PVSEC
DEK Solar is preparing to launch its Eclipse platform at this year’s EU PVSEC exhibition, being held in Valencia September 6-9. On stand B14 in Hall L2/H4, the DEK Solar team will introduce the advanced metallization line.

Rehm Thermal Systems will show metallization equipment at EU PVSEC

Rehm Thermal Systems presents an advanced new series of drying systems and firing systems for solar cell metallization at EU PVSEC in September. These systems offer a range of advanced process features and thermal control that can enable higher efficiency and yield at PV manufacturing.

DATAPAQ debuts cell/module fab temp profiling systems at PVSEC 
SolarPaq systems provide temperature profiling for contact firing, anti-reflective (AR) coating and lamination processes.

EU PVSEC: Sono-Tek to highlight vapor deposition alternative 
Sono-Tek Corporation, provider of ultrasonic equipment used for alternative energy product manufacturing, will highlight its ultrasonic coating equipment, including a high-speed ultrasonic reciprocating coating system, HyperSonic, in Hall 4/Level 2/A45.

Imec to exhibit at PVSEC 
Imec’s research into photovoltaics aims at finding techniques to fabricate cheaper and more efficient solar cells.

SENTECH Instruments will present SenSol Haze
The SenSol Haze is designed for quality control of transparent conductive oxide (TCO) films in PV manufacturing of thin film solar cells. It offers uniformity mapping of film thickness and spectrally resolved Haze H(λ) on glass sheets of all standard glass sizes.

KIC to exhibit process optimization/control tools
KIC, through its partnership with the Balver Zinn group, expanded into the solar cell manufacturing industry with the SunKIC, e-Clipse and Spectrum products. These have demonstrated up to 0.51% cell efficiency improvements through more accurate and repeatable profiling and process improvements.

WhisperPower introduces solar hybrid system 
WhisperPower will display at the 25th EU PVSEC a recently introduced combined diesel generator/inverter system, designed for off-grid power systems.

Co-located events:


European PV Legal Workshop, colocated with EU PVSEC
On September 9, a workshop organized in parallel to EU PVSEC will present the way the PV Legal database can be a powerful tool for project developers and investors to understand the legal administrative steps that need to be complied with when setting up a PV system in key EU markets.

JA Solar Holdings hosted an Analyst Day
Dr. Peng Fang, CEO, Ms. Anthea Chung, CFO, and Mr. Ming Yang, VP of Business Development and Corporate Communications spoke at the event, and outlined JA Solar’s recent accomplishments and future plans.

PV Production Forum 2010 at EU PVSEC: Full schedule of speakers
The one-day forum will take place 8:30 am to 6 pm and will consist of three sessions: Market, Silicon and Thin Film.

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