Enjoy the Double Advantage of Energy Efficiency and Saving Resources

Global warming is a term that pervades all international forums ranging from economics, food security, and energy production to security. Such is the importance of this debate that all nations have had to compromise on a mutual strategy to save energy and in turn reverse the perverse effects of global warming.

This is an issue that might sound removed from your day to day life but you are wrong. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change posits that the country is going to experience more devastating hurricanes, typhoons and other perilous weather changes. This is where your input as a homeowner comes in handy.

Relationship between Energy Efficiency and Natural Resources

Much of the electricity you use at home comes from natural resources. For instance, 99% of the power used in the U.S comes from these two sources:

  • Water sources: Experts consider these renewable sources of power but still some large communities depend on rivers used to generate this power. When you do not conserve energy in your property, you are directly contributing to water crises as increased drought ravages most farming areas.
  • Fossil fuels: This is the largest source of energy in the world despite its tremendous negative impact on the environment. These fossil fuels resources are critical and while they are currently available in large quantities, they are finite. The rate of discovery of new fuels has slowed and without enhanced energy efficiency practices many production regions will soon deplete the resource.

There are many other energy generation sources but there is no denying that most affect the ecosystem one way or the other. More importantly, power production leads to high rates of carbon emissions especially when burning fossil oils.

Emissions have instigated global warming leading to adverse weather, which has greatly impacted on natural habitats. For example, environmentalists have been decrying the decrease in the number of polar bears due to increased temperature in their habitats.

Making Your Contribution

When comparing Texas electricity rates, you will note most power providers are now investing in green sources of energy to offer cheaper prices. Well, J.F.K Kennedy was categorical when calling on everyone to take the challenge and do something about making the country better. Such comparison should be a great starting point.

The clarion call by contemporary environment movement activists is for you to become proactive. You can make your contribution through:

  • Invest in green building: Many green technologies have evolved in construction with the sole aim of enhancing energy efficiency in new properties. You can have a retrofit after a home energy audit to make your whole structure from the roof to the floor green. This saves on energy use and saves environmental resources.
  •  Green day-today living: Switching off lights and appliances when not in use, using natural light during the day, monitoring energy use, using energy saving bulbs, insulating your home and ensuring your AC is operating optimally through careful maintenance.

Other ideas include using renewable power sources such as wind and solar, tank-less water heater and buying energy efficient appliances.


Jack Dawson has worked in the U.S EPA energy conservation programs for the last 7 years. Currently he works as an energy consultant and as an expert in Texas electricity rates he blogs regularly about new developments in his home state. 

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