Clear Skies Launches Carbon 612 Corporation

Clear Skies Solar Inc. announced the launch of Carbon 612 Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary which was created to commercialize the company’s proprietary technologies. Carbon 612 will offer energy monitoring internationally via its in-house designed and produced XTRAX system, a device that provides readings of energy produced by a solar photovoltaic system.

As net metering programs become increasingly popular across the United States, verifying exact solar energy production levels has become similarly important as a means of legitimatizing the renewable energy credit programs. The XTRAX program is one of the first systems to handle the trading of carbon credits, renewable energy credits (RECs) and the comprehensive billing procedures associated with this service, the company said.

XTRAX was designed to maximize data management efficiency by removing all the unnecessary fields and concentrating solely on production values. Clear Skies said that the system transmits on a cellular phone frequency as well as satellite for increased reliability.

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