Building Achieves Net Zero Using Renewable Energy

The commercial building housing Ferreira Construction headquarters in Branchburg, New Jersey, has produced enough electrical energy from a renewable energy source to meet its entire electric utility demand for a full year.

In addition to producing all of the electric energy needed to run the facility, the project further exceeded expectations by generating a surplus of “green” energy, a surplus that was made available for use by other businesses to reduce their carbon footprints and use of fossil fuels.

The project team’s proprietary, patent-pending energy efficiency and building system-monitoring solution proved critical to its success. This monitoring system can now be shared nationwide to help other companies reduce their energy consumption.

The U.S. Dept. of Energy has set a goal that renewable energy buildings will be commercially viable by 2025. In compliance, a key element of the 31 Tannery Project and Ferreira Construction project is 100% return on investment in just five to seven years. The project team is committed to sharing this impressive design with the US DOE and the state of NJ.

It is the goal of Ferreira Construction and the 31 Tannery Project to educate and provide other companies with the tools to utilize standard building designs, renewable energy, high efficiency systems, and their new patent-pending monitoring system to spread this energy efficiency strategy across the U.S.


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