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– The London Metropolitan Police Authority in Britain will tender for renewable energy for two buildings. Under its Environmental Strategy, the Authority agreed to a pilot Environmental Management System for power to Cobalt Square, an admin office, and Orpington Police Station, which would provide an opportunity for the MPA to show its commitment to the environment without incurring significant financial penalties. – Residents of upstate New York will soon have an opportunity to buy green power. Under a proposed settlement, the merger of Niagara Mohawk and National Grid will bring new opportunities for customers of Niagara Mohawk to buy green power. – The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power fleet of 170 electric vehicles has logged one million miles of operation and has displaced the emission of one million pounds of greenhouse gases, without stopping at the gas pump. For the past decade, zero emission EVs have been used for meter reading, security patrols and conservation demonstrations, and 400 charging stations have been installed around LA. The program provides customers with at-home charging stations and offers incentives for charging vehicles in off-peak hours. – More than 70 organizations have endorsed the fourth ‘Earth Technologies Forum’ to be held in Washington next March. The conference and exhibit deal with global climate change technologies and is sponsored by the International Climate Change Partnership and the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy, in cooperation with the U.S. EPA, DOE, USAID, UNEP, UNDP, Environment Canada, Industry Canada, Australian Greenhouse Office, Netherlands’ Reduction Plan for the Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases, and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Endorsing associations include the Alliance to Save Energy, American Solar Energy Society, Earth Energy Society of Canada, Electric Power Supply Association, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Clearinghouse, Geothermal Energy Association, International Association for Hydrogen Energy, International District Energy Association, Solar Energy Industries Association, U.S. Energy Association, U.S. Export Council for Renewable Energy, World Energy Efficiency Association and the World Resources Institute. Last year, 800 participants from 30 countries attended. – The Teamsters and other unions in the United States have called for a comprehensive national energy policy and supported the government’s intent to explore for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. After meeting with energy secretary Spencer Abraham and interior secretary Gale Norton, the Teamsters say the legislation would put Americans “back to work while lessening our dependence on foreign oil.” A national energy policy that includes ANWR exploration would mean thousands of jobs for U.S. workers, they explain. – Researchers and builders in the Czech Republic will hold a conference in November on how to use renewable energy in buildings. The conference will examine design methods for solar architecture, building simulation and design options, reliability and durability of building envelopes and opportunities for international collaboration. The conference will also serve as a stage for discussion of the European Union’s research framework programs to promote energy conservation and sustainable technologies in the building sector. – Energy secretary Spencer Abraham has awarded US$110 million to apply clean coal technologies on eight power plants. Six hundred coal-burning generators generate more than half of U.S. electricity, and the new technology will be placed on facilities in Ohio, Florida, New York, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Kansas and Virginia to reduce GHG emissions.
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