Bridging the Gap Between Drone Services and Solar

My name is Joshua Barnett and I am the President of Drone Dispatch, a nationwide drone services provider, and I had the opportunity to present a talk at the Solar Business Festival in Austin, Texas, on Dec. 2, 2016. The presentation was titled “Bridging the Gap Between the Drone Services and Solar Industries.” The talk was intended to illustrate that drones are among the newest and most effective tools available to the solar energy industry today.  

The talk was considered the event’s “Innovation Showcase,” meant to highlight new drone technology that can be used by solar firms. The talk covered what I have coined “The Big Four.”

The first aspect of this is that drones save money. Drones do this by significantly reducing the time required in the field than is required by their traditional competitors. This leads perfectly into the second aspect of what drones do, which is save time. They do this by being significantly faster and nimbler than the tools used in the solar industry today.

The third aspect of this is that drones reduce risk for the solar firms who use them. Drones do this by eliminating the need to have a person in the field putting themselves in dangerous scenarios by climbing to places that are obvious safety hazards.

The final leg of “The Big Four” is that drones provide additional utility. Drones do this by being able to gather multiple forms of media and producing a number of different data sets with one flight. No other tool in the solar space offers benefit stacking opportunities that can stack up to drones.

I learned a tremendous amount about the perspective of the solar industry at this conference. We attended the conference with the intent of educating solar business professionals on the benefits of incorporating drones into their operations. I feel as though this was successfully achieved. The talk I gave provided us with an opportunity to further distinguish ourselves as leading drone service providers for the solar industry. We are always looking for and exploring new speaking and presenting engagements. I am also very excited about developing opportunities for drones in the solar energy industry.

Drones will, without a doubt, help any solar firm reach their internal goals. Incorporating drones into daily operations could turn out to be one of the most beneficial decisions a solar firm can make in 2017. I believe utilizing drone technology will be the gold standard for solar firms in the very near future, the benefit stacking opportunities presented by them are too staggering to ignore.

There are workable solutions available for residential solar, commercial solar, solar farms and for firms that provide consultation to the solar industry. These solutions include thermal inspections, site scouting, pre-surveys, preventative maintenance inspections, visual inspections, media gathering, 2D orthomosaic maps, 3D orth-rectified models and site monitoring. Per my understanding, there is no other tool utilized by the solar industry that is capable of providing this many unique applications. The most efficient way to incorporate drones into a solar firm’s daily work load is to engage with a reputable drone service provider.

Our team successfully presented and exhibited at the Solar Business Festival in Austin with the purpose of educating solar industry leaders on the limitless benefits of using drones. Drones are capable of providing solar firms with unparalleled benefit stacking opportunities and are significantly safer, faster and less expensive than the traditional solutions that drones are slated to replace in the near future. Anyone involved in the solar or drone spaces should be very excited about the mutual benefits of these two industries converging. The future is bright when you combine solar and drones. 

Images credit: Drone Dispatch

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Joshua Barnett is the Co-Founder and President of Drone Dispatch . Barnett's firm is a nationwide drone service provider successfully operating in all 50 states and services a number of industries. Joshua founded Drone Dispatch with his brother Kevin Whatley and his longtime friend Chris Bonnet. He is uniquely positioned as an industry leader in the commercial drone space to help solar energy firms integrate drones into their operations. Barnett is enthusiastic about educating energy industry leaders about how drones can reduce risk, save money, save time and provide unparalleled utility.

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