Aussie Comparative PV Project Grows

Townsville State High School launched Stage Two of the school’s innovative comparative-Renewable Energy project.

Queensland, Australia – March 19, 2003 [] Stage Two, which is located adjacent to Stage One on the same classroom roof-top, includes sixteen 64 W Unisolar amorphous solar panels with a peak output of 1024 W. A Fronius inverter allows power to be sold to the main electrical grid. The first stage includes Kyocera polycrystalline panels with a peak output of 1106 W. Installed in December 2002, Stage One has consistenly produced 6.5 kWh per day, according to Allyson Agnew of the school’s Technology, Math and Science Section. A new plugin for the existing monitoring software allows for students to make a real-time assessment of both solar power systems on one graph. “The Town High project allows us to compare the performance of a polycrystalline system against an equivalent sized amorphous system,” said Graeme Hunter of FNQ Solar. “This information is applicable for Renewable Energy system design across the whole North Queensland dry tropics region.” A third stage of the Renewable Energy project, a grid interactive vertical axis wind turbine is planned for mid 2003.
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