Abengoa & Total Get 100-MW Masdar CSP Deal

Abengoa Solar and Total have been selected to build a new 100-megawatt (MW) CSP plant in the UAE. The companies won the contract under the international Shams -1 tender that was put forward by Masdar.

Under the deal, the two companies will work with Masdar to develop, own and operate in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi the largest solar plant in the Middle East. Featuring some 6,300,000 square-feet of Abengoa Solar parabolic trough collectors, the plant will have a 100 MW capacity. With construction beginning in mid 2010, the Shams concentrating solar power (CSP) station will be operational in 2012 and will cover 741 acres of desert.

The Government of Abu Dhabi has approved a solar incentive premium in the form of a long term Green Power Agreement for the Shams -1 project. The 60 percent of Shams -1, sun in Arabic, will be owned by Masdar while an Abengoa Solar and Total joint venture will own the other 40 percent. Abener and Teyma, two Abengoa companies, will be responsible for the turn key construction of the Shams -1 plant.

After commercial start up Abengoa Solar and Total will be in charge of operation and maintenance. Power production will be sold to Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company (ADWEC) under a long-term electricity sales contract. Abengoa Solar will provide its parabolic trough technology for the Shams -1 plant.

Michael Geyer, Abengoa Solar’s director of International Development, highlighted the immense potential of building large-scale solar plants in the Middle East, a region that offers both an unlimited solar resource and nearly infinite site locations for implementation of solar plants in its deserts.

“The immense regional market potential for CSP plants, combined with our leading edge parabolic trough and central receiver technologies, enables us to offer the most competitive solar power generation to contribute to the coverage of the region’s accelerated growth in electrical power demand,” he said.

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