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Big wins for renewable energy in the ‘Build Back Better’ bill

Democrats in the U.S. House released specifics of the Build Back Better plan within the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill, which includes big wins for renewable energy.
New Jersey Offshore Wind Port

New Jersey breaks ground on nation’s first port designed for offshore wind industry

The New Jersey Wind Port is designed to serve as a hub for the offshore wind industry along with East Coast, with access to more than 50% of available U.S. offshore wind lease areas.
solar pv recycling

Biden’s proposed increase in solar power would remake the US electricity system

President Joe Biden has called for major clean energy investments as a way to curb climate change and generate jobs.
Long duration battery storage

Minnesota utility co-op sees big battery as piece of grid reliability puzzle

The utility cooperative partnering with Form Energy on its first “iron air” battery project sees the long-duration energy storage technology as a potential buffer for its grid during extreme cold snaps like 2019’s polar vortex.
grid scale renewable energy storage

Energy Vault valued at $1.1 billion after merger

Energy Vault's energy storage systems use gravity to store and release renewable energy on demand, giving grid-scale reliability to clean energy sources in place of fossil fuels.

Study: Clean energy developers are unfairly burdened with transmission upgrade costs

The analysis focused on a representative sample of network upgrades in the MISO and SPP regions. Even with conservative assumptions, ICF found significant system-wide benefits in two-thirds of the upgrades evaluated — benefits that other users of the shared system are receiving at little to no cost.
goldwind 5mw wind turbine

Goldwind connects 5 MW test wind turbine to the grid

Goldwind's PMDD onshore GW 5S Smart Wind Turbine features a 165-meter rotor diameter and hub heights that can range from 100-130 meters. 
US wind power capacity grid

Algonquin Power & Utilities building 108-MW wind farm under PPA with JPMorgan Chase

The 108-MW Shady Oaks II wind project is a collaboration of Liberty and JPMorgan Chase. Construction began this spring.

The true cost of climate change inaction

We are drastically underestimating the social cost of carbon – the total social and environmental damage that will result per ton of carbon dioxide emitted.
Bifacial solar PV cost

Are bifacial solar PV modules worth the extra cost?

The promise of bifacial solar PV's higher energy yield comes at a higher cost.