Hitachi Energy and Denmark’s Clever partner on EVs, renewables, and storage

A new partnership aims to ensure that Denmark is able to power its electric vehicles (EVs) with 100% renewable electricity 24/7 and to leverage EVs and battery storage to expand renewables’ use for grid stability.

Ford unveils plans for EV mega campus in Tennessee

Ford Motor Company announced plans on Tuesday for a massive electric vehicle manufacturing campus in Tennessee, as well as two additional battery facilities in Kentucky, in what the company called the largest investment in the U.S. electric vehicle market at one time by an automaker.

EVs to increase Britain’s electricity demand by 31 times by 2040

As a result of an increase in electric vehicle use across Britain, electricity demand from the transport sector will increase by 31 times by 2040 from the current levels, according to a new report released by research firm Cornwall Insights.

Europe and North America to connect 7.9 million EV chargers by 2025

Europe and North America will increase the number of connected electric vehicle (EV) chargers by 38% between 2020 and 2025.
electric vehicle battery costs

Toyota targets 50% reduction in EV battery costs by 2030

Toyota is expecting to invest up to $13.6 billion in battery development and production by 2030.

World EV Day: Why fleets might go electric before you do

While consumer vehicles take up most of the headlines, the electrification of fleet vehicles is poised to take EVs to the next level.
congress renewable energy tax incentives

Advocates call for long-term clean energy incentives in budget reconciliation package

A coalition of more than 50 groups called on Congress to include long-term clean energy tax incentives in the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package.

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