Grid hardening through DER could soon be a viable, profitable solution for utilities

California residents will be able to sign up to be notified when Flex Alerts take place and indicate if they plan to participate. Then, CalISO will be able to validate those responses by zip code, giving the grid operator better visibility into which areas of the grid might see some relief.
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Guidehouse Insights forecast: AI-driven DER integration could reach $481M annually by 2030

As the number of networked sensors and demand-side devices, such as smart inverters and smart thermostats, has dramatically increased, so has the amount of data that utilities receive.
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Canadian utility creates marketplace for DER households using blockchain technology

Alectra has launched a transactive software platform, GridExchange, to enable customers with solar panels, battery storage, and electric vehicles to participate in a marketplace.

Mitsubishi Electric acquires DER software company Smarter Grid Solutions

SGS' DER management system facilitates the integration of DER into markets and grids, including grid capacity management, interconnection, and energy as a service.

Climate report underscores urgency of advancing battery storage for renewables

In order to prevent extreme heatwaves, rising sea levels, droughts, and other effects of climate change, urgent action must be taken. Governments, NGOs, and businesses need to work together to support the switch to renewable energy sources and clean energy technologies, such as batteries.
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CS Energy building three new solar + storage projects in Florida

CS Energy's national energy storage installation base will reach over 200 MWh with the completion of the projects in Florida.

10,000 MW large-scale battery power capacity to be added to the grid from 2021-23,...

EIA expects most of the new storage capacity to come from systems co-located or connected to solar projects.

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