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Massachusetts finds early success with behind-the-meter energy storage program

Massachusetts has found early success with its behind-the-meter energy storage incentive program. The ConnectedSolutions program compensates residential and commercial customers for allowing utilities to draw...

Solar+storage to add most new battery storage capacity in the U.S. over next three...

More than half of the battery storage capacity added in the U.S. in the next three years will be paired with a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant, bucking the historical trend of majority standalone sites.

Minneapolis battery pilot will test vision for sharing solar power with neighbors

Four batteries are being installed at a North Minneapolis green jobs training center in one of the country’s first “virtual power plant” pilot projects. Each battery will simulate a household buying and selling power with neighbors.

Enel Green Power taps ESS to deliver battery systems for solar+storage project in Spain

Oregon-based energy storage firm ESS Tech has been commissioned to deliver 17 of its long-duration Warehouse iron flow battery systems for a hybrid project in Spain.

Grid hardening through DER could soon be a viable, profitable solution for utilities

California residents will be able to sign up to be notified when Flex Alerts take place and indicate if they plan to participate. Then, CalISO will be able to validate those responses by zip code, giving the grid operator better visibility into which areas of the grid might see some relief.
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Massachusetts startup crowdfunding short-term energy storage technology

Helix Power Corporation is seeking seed capital from investors to advance its patented flywheel short-term energy storage technology.

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