Why don’t businesses understand waste management?

As a waste management company, it shocks us that so many businesses, particularly here in the UK, don’t understand how important it is.

Day-to-day items such as aerosol cans, paint tins, computer monitors, flourescent tubes and fridges are all classed as hazardous waste – yet so often they are not disposed of correctly.

Back in July 2005 the UK government introduced the Hazardous Waste Rules, which aimed to decrease the amount of dangerous waste being produced by increasing the number of products which could be defined as potentially hazardous waste. Since then, any business which produces what is classed as hazardous waste have needed to register with the Surroundings Agency which monitors how much waste is produced.

However, it gets tricky.

Some businesses are exempt from having to register as a hazardous waste producer if they produce less than 200kg of hazardous waste inside a 12-month period.

This has led to a big problem – because most businesses won’t sign up until they call for their first collection above this weight. The major reason for this is simply because a lot of companies will not recognize that they require to sign-up until they have contacted a hazardous waste disposal firm like ours to acquire their waste.

So what can be done?

Is it up to the government to inform businesses better?

Is it up to us to advertise our services more widely?

It’s an interesting debate, certainly. 

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