Trends in the Energy Markets

MLMs have become one of the biggest trends in the energy world. It started with Stream and Ignite but did not really get rolling until Ambit Energy came along. Ambit’s growth made other MLMs look pale in comparison but has that growth stopped.


The growth rate curve for MLMs looks like a skateboard ramp at the beginning. It moves straight up until you are shot off into space. What usually follows is a sharp downward slope with a big crash at the end. Is this where Ambit is heading in a couple of years?


I don’t see this happing to Ambit because the MLM side of the company is backed up by the product side of the company. This side of the company sells electricity in deregulated energy markets for a low price. Customers who sign up with one of these plans do not have to become a consultant. They can enjoy low cost electricity without the pressure of making sales.


There have been recent complaints about Ambit Energy Reps but not the company’s electricity plans. Ambit Energy complaint review talks about how it is the MLM not the company which is considered a scam.


Every MLM is taking note of Ambit. Is there any company which can challenge its rain in the energy market? I doubt it.

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Tim is working with Cheapest Electricity as an energy consultant for commercial consumers.

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