Smart Grid Trial Proposed for New York

National Grid has proposed a comprehensive smart grid demonstration programme in the Syracuse area of New York State in the US.

Calling for a test site of 39,400 homes and businesses in the Syracuse area, the company believes that such a development will serve as a test site for the energy grid of the future and provide hundreds of ‘clean energy’ jobs in upstate New York.

In submitting its plan to the New York Public Service Commission recently Tom King, president of National Grid in the US commented: “The backbone of the new, clean energy economy is going to be a reliable smart grid system that will allow customers to better manage their energy use and costs and be compatible with new technology such as home solar energy generators and plug-in hybrid vehicles.” He added: “This comprehensive smart grid demonstration proposal will test this new system to ensure it will meet the needs of our customers and new clean energy technologies.”

King also noted that the proposal, which is subject to PSC approval, aligns with the recently adopted New York State Energy Plan that calls for reducing state electricity use to 15% below forecast levels by 2015, saying:  “National Grid believes that the New York State Energy Plan signals a much needed shift from the reliance on a model in which electricity is generated and controlled centrally. The new model is one in which energy is integrated at a local level taking advantage of renewable energy sources and reducing overall usage.”

If approved, the programme will be implemented over a 2-3 year period.

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