Scottish Parliament Backs £100M Energy Efficiency Plans

The Scottish Parliament has backed the Scottish Green Party’s £100 million budget proposals for home energy efficiency programs. The vote saw Holyrood back the principle of a comprehensive Scotland-wide energy efficiency scheme, including support for energy audits, insulation and appropriate microrenewables.

The Parliament voted for the Green amendment by 91 votes to 15, with 14 abstentions, before backing the final motion by a similar margin. Discussions on this issue will now continue between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Green Party, and Greens believe that the momentum behind this proposal will make it hard for Ministers not to back it in their final budget.

“With Parliament’s clear support, the Scottish Government now has an opportunity to make all Scotland’s homes warm, green and cheaper to live in. We look forward to further constructive discussions around this issue with the SNP and with other parties. Today’s vote shows that they understand the scale of the problems Scotland faces, and that they are ready to look at imaginative solutions on that same scale,” said Member of the Scottish Parliament Robin Harper.

The bill “notes that research carried out by the Energy Savings Trust suggests that widespread installation of microgeneration could provide 30 to 40% of our electricity needs by 2050 but that current investment in energy efficiency and microgeneration measures is insufficient to achieve these goals, and calls on the Scottish Government to take steps, as set out in the Energy Efficiency and Microgeneration Bill proposals, such as fiscal incentives for householders and businesses, to improve the energy efficiency of new and existing housing stock and ensure that microgeneration technologies become widely available and used.”

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