Saving energy ,just as important

Lets face it saving energy is just as important as making green energy. There are so many ways we could start saving vast amounts of energy but yet we do not. New technology in lighting has changed the way we can and should light our homes, workplace and especially our cities. Street and traffic lights burn large amounts of electricity to keep our neighborhoods safe. More and more communities though are shutting down or limiting the use of “lower priority lights” to save energy. We do not need to do this , we can actually increase the number of street lights and their quality by simply changing to LED and in some applications induction lamps. LED will use 1/4 the electricity of HPS (high pressure sodium) which amounts to millions in dollars and many tons of carbon waste. Maintenance is another factor , LED last 5 times longer and require basically little to no maintenance. The money saved by making the change to LED can be used for education, transportation systems (another topic) or anything else. But there is NO NEED to waste the money using this old technology ( HPS) . We need to speak up and get our local leaders to take the initiative and make this important move. Yes I may have a biased opinion being in the LED street light business, but I speak up also because I believe in this. The business I am involved can and will make a difference and whether our company helps a municipality make the change to LED or another company does, It needs to be done.

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U.S. Consultant for Kardings or . We offer municipalities the option to retrofit to LED street/traffic lights with no added cost.

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