New York State to Host Free Workshops on CNG in Fleet Vehicles

CNG gas has been used as a transportation fuel for many years because of its energy, environmental, and economic benefits. As technology  has allowed the extraction of greater supplies of natural gas and more favorable prices, interest in using CNG in fleet applications has become more pronounced. 

NYSERDA is interested in promoting the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for fleet vehicles in New York State to reduce the State’s dependence on imported petroleum, improve the environment, and stimulate local economic growth. For this reason, NYSERDA has developed a content-packed informational workshop to educate fleet managers about the opportunities for using CNG in vehicles, particularly in high fuel use applications such as refuse and delivery.  They are hosting a total of 5 workshops all throughout New York State during the months of June and July.  Workshop locations include Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Long Island, and Nyack.  

The workshop is targeted to delivery and refuse applications (including private and municipalities that operate refuse vehicles, as well as municipalities that contract out refuse services). Third-party experts on CNG will cover the following topics:

  • Why to consider CNG for fleet operations
  • Vehicle options for the New York State market and where to buy them
  • Public refueling stations available to fleet users
  • Factors to consider for installing a CNG station at your site
  • Novel funding opportunities
  • Economics of using CNG for fleet vehicles

You can register and find additional information about the workshops on the website:  

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Sara works as a Renewable Energy Engineer in ANTARES’ Fayetteville, NY office. Her favorite types of projects are solar PV feasibility studies and electricity rate tariff analyses. She is one of the contributing bloggers at

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