New Commercial LED Light Fixtures

Precision Paragon is pleased to announce the addition of several new commercial LED lights for Gas Station, Cold-Storage and Parking lots!

QCR LED Light fixture

The QCR is a great option for gas-station canopies. It’s designed to replace MH400 and PS320 lamps with just 150 watts of bright LED lighting. That replacement alone will cut energy consumption by 55-60%.

While our existing GCR fluorescent-based gas canopy fixture offers similar levels of energy-efficiency, the advantage of the QCR is that its small footprint generally lets it be dropped in as a direct-replacement to MH400 and PS320 lamps without any need to modify the canopy itself.

The LED fixture also offers a “punch” from the road, making the gas station stand out to drivers who might otherwise pass by.

With their overall efficiency, high color rendering and carefully-designed light distribution, we expect that gas-station owners will be quite happy with both the GCR and QCR.

The New Data: Cutsheets For the QAL High-Bay Freezer LED & QPD Parking Garage LED

QAL LED light fixtureQPD LED light fixture

We announced both of these fixtures a few months back, and now we’ve completed their photometric testing, which has let us create complete cutsheets for both fixtures.

The QAL is a fixture for cold-storage applications, designed to take advantage of LED lighting’s ability to re-strike instantly in sub-zero temperatures. With its integrated occupancy sensor, the QAL can significantly reduce energy consumption by staying off when an area is unoccupied, and coming on to full-brightness instantly when a worker is present. Since fluorescent lighting can take up to 30 minutes to warm up in sub-zero temperatures, LED will have a big-advantage in cold-storage applications.

The QPD is an ideal energy-efficient LED for parking-garages. It takes advantage of LED lighting’s excellent capability for even lighting-distribution.

Since QPDs can distribute light evenly over such a large area without “puddling” light directly under the fixture, lower-wattage fixtures can be used to achieve specific minimium light levels over a wide area, saving significant amounts of energy.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our commercial LED light fixtures, let us know. We’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

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