New 2016 DLC Listed Independence LED Troffer Light Fixtures With Lower Pricing = Highest Lumens Per Dollar

Independence LED Lighting, the award-winning U.S. LED manufacturer of reliable and cost-effective LED High Bay lights, LED Vapor Tight fixtures, LED tubes, and commercial lighting solutions, announced today that its latest LED Troffer Light fixtures are now DLC listed for utility rebates. Plus, the new lower price LED lights yield the Highest Lumens per Dollar over the long 10 Year LED Warranty.

LED Light Longevity: The majority of commercial LED light manufacturers around the world offer 5 Year LED warranties on LED products such as LED Troffer Light fixtures, to meet the minimum requirements of the DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) for its Qualified Products List (QPL), that utility companies typically use for rebate eligibility. The few manufacturers that offer a 10 year LED warranty often have “fine print” with limitations on daily hours of operations, carve-outs for lesser protection on the LED drivers, or restrictions on warranty transfer if the original owner sells the building or business. Buyers beware, because many LED warranties also define “failure” with surprisingly high percentages of diodes, and they do not include protections against color shift or total output degradation relative to L70 standards. The Independence LED 10 Year LED Warranty on the latest LED Troffer Light protects the buyers at the highest level and has set a new benchmark for LED warranties.

LED Light Return on Investment: The LED lighting industry has largely used lumens per watt (lm/w) as a guiding metric to determine fixture value. Lm/w is similar to miles per gallon (mpg) for vehicles, but it does not take into account cost. Lumens per dollar is a way to link the output of the light to the cost, and lumens per dollar over the warrantied life is a guide to determine lifecycle value and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Given the high lumens per watt, low cost LED solution, and long 10 Year LED warranty, the Independence LED Troffer Light series yields the Highest Lumens per Dollar over the long 10 Year LED Warranty.

LED Light Specifications: For the Specification Sheets on the Independence LED Troffer Light series, see:

Press Release:

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