Is There a Need for Energy Managers?

An interesting piece of information floated across my desk today and it touched on something that I’m working on so I thought I would share it.

One of my news sources, Guy M. Zaczek, sent out a letter explaining that a new Energy Management technical training program that has been proposed by SUNY’s Niagara County Community College is in danger of being scrapped because the program can’t find enough evidence that there is a need for it.  ::continue::

He writes, “It hurts me to say this, but a program that is desperately needed will never see the light of day because organizations that use Energy Managers, HVAC Technicians, [and] Energy Service Consultants have not picked up their pens to say that there is a need for an educated workforce in this subject. This is not just one credit class but a whole two-year program with five unique classes designed for the realities of today’s practical Energy Manager.”

The program would offer A.A.S. degree in Energy Management and Systems Technology.

Zaczek cites an LBNL study entitled, “Energy Efficiency Services Sector (EESS) Workforce Education Needs (PDF)” that states that many other community colleges with programs like this have waiting lists and have seen increased demand for their programs over the years “by four-year degree holders looking to receive practical training as preparation for a job in the EESS.”

According to the study, these successful and growing programs are located at Lane Community College, Hudson Valley Community College, Laney College, Iowa Lakes Community College, and Oakland Community College.

Niagara County Community College is simply looking for businesses located in or near New York that anticipate hiring energy managers in the next six years to fill out a 6-question survey and send a short letter to the college indicating their needs.

So are you are New York company that might need to hire an energy manager in the next 2-6 years?  If so, please contact Guy M. Zaczek.  He’ll send you the survey to fill out and the letter you need to sign.


Are you involved with a renewable energy education and/or training program located somewhere else?  If so, please send me the name of it or leave a comment with the program name.  I’m working on an article about Renewable Energy education and training programs in the U.S. and abroad.

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