Inspiring Words from the High Line’s Robert Hammond

Earlier this week the ASLA website posted a very insightful interview with the High Line Co-Founder, and Sustainable Operations Summit speaker, Robert Hammond. In the feature, Hammond shared his views on the under appreciation of landscape architecture, as well as his thoughts on whether the success of the High Line can be replicated in other cities. But it was Hammond’s entrepreneurial spirit that we found to be most inspiring.

“Just Start Something”

“Josh and I get a lot of credit for this great strategy. I think the most important thing we did was start the project, and it allowed other people to come along and help us get it done. In some ways, it was an asset that neither Josh nor I was an architect, landscape architect, or city planner. It forced us to basically go to other people for help. Talking to people who are interested in starting their own kind of project, that’s always the point I try to make: The most important thing that they can do is just start something. That enables other people to come along and help them get it done.

“You Don’t Have to Have Experience…or Money”

“I have my personal goals for the High Line: one is that it’s a well-loved park by New Yorkers; two is that it gets better after Josh and I leave; and three (and most importantly) is that it inspires other people to start these kind of things — not just elevated rail lines, but any kind of project. You don’t have to have experience, you don’t have to have all the money, you don’t have to have the plans all set. We developed all those things over time. That’s what stymies a lot of people. They think, “Oh, I don’t have the experience,” or, “I don’t have the money.” Those things can come.”

Read the full interview on the ASLA website:

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