Indpendence LED Lighting offers Industry Leading 10 Year LED Warranty

To kick off the new year, on January 4, 2016, one of the industry leading U.S. LED light manufacturers has announced a challenge to the marketplace to match the strength of its 10 year LED warranty. Independence LED Lighting is the US LED Manufacturer that was the first to offer 5 year product protection when the industry was typically offering just 1 to 3 year warranty coverage. This helped set the stage for the DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) to use 5 years as the minimum requirement for its Qualified Products List (QPL)

The LED warranty challenge is timely in 2016 based on the two key points:

#1: Commercial LED manufacturers claim long life illumination products that have increased from 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more, but the minimum requirements of the DLC for its QPL is still just 5 year LED warranty protection. With 8,760 hours in every year, the LED lights should last for 10 year or longer. In many cases the diodes are built to last, but the drivers are vulnerable to failure. LED manufacturers know now more than ever that proper thermal management is often the key for total system longevity.

#2: LED manufacturers that offer 10 year LED warranty protection typically have some “fine print” that may limit the hours of operations or define product failure with percentages of diodes going out that may surprise the buyer if they do not read the warranty carefully. Color shift and total output degradation for L70 standards is also a key point in reviewing the strength of any LED warranty.

In its challenge to the marketplace, Independence LED claims that its 10 Year LED Warranty protects the buyers at the highest level without the restrictive “fine print” and once again sets a new benchmark for LED warranty protection.

Independence LED has posted the challenge on its website at this page:

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