How Should You Use Energy Star Ratings?

With the best deals coming during holiday season, there is no better time than to upgrade some appliances around your house. In addition to some extra holiday savings, now is a great time to upgrade in order to save energy due to the rising cost of energy bills. Aside from the financial considerations, choosing an energy efficient product is a step towards helping protect the environment. To help guide your search for energy saving appliances, one tool is using Energy Star ratings.

Before the winter cold comes (or is already here in some cases), you definitely will want to make sure your water heater is working smoothly. If not, then energy star ratings can help you search for a new water heater. Whether you are looking for Solar Water Heaters or Tankless Water Heaters, then energy star ratings can come in handy to help you find the most energy efficient products.

In addition to water heaters, a new Furnace could be a crucial purchase to heat your home this winter. To pick the best Energy Star Furnace, you can look to the Department of Energy’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. Based on this measure, the three best Furnaces you should consider are the following:



If you’re not in the market for a new water heater or furnace this winter, then energy star ratings can still assist you. When looking for anything from Flourescent Light Bulbs to Freezers to Refrigerators, Energy Star products are something to look out for. 


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