Home Energy Audit- Is It Worth It?

Home energy audits have become an essential way to save money and live more comfortably in a world of rising utility costs.

Before reading why, watch this short video and hear for yourself how an energy audit resulted in over 40% savings for a family in Maryland:

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No matter what your situation is, hiring a professional to assess the complex systems in your home can pay for itself…especially when the price of an energy audit is compared to the amount of money American’s lose every day through high energy bills and investing in the wrong energy upgrades.

A home costs a lot of money… so why spend more money than necessary to keep it running while sacrificing comfort, health, and safety all at the same time?

You will need to invest in weatherization improvements at some point, but taking a proactive approach will increase the bang of every buck and prevent unnecessary problems from popping up in the future.

Each home should have a plan, and that plan should work for you and your family each and every day.

The only type of plan that takes a proactive approach for your home’s energy upgrades is a home energy audit. But it is not just a plan for managing your energy upgrades…when done right, a comprehensive home audit will give you an organized, thought out blueprint for maintaining your home and increasing its value.

Even if you’re just looking to replace your old HVAC unit, it pays to get a home performance assessment.

If your system failed to exceed its expected lifetime, it is because it was working harder than it had to.

This means that something in your home is wasting energy, and determining where the most money can be saved is not as easy a process as some would have you believe.

If your unit comes on and off regularly-you guessed it-your home is wasting energy. If you purchased an energy audit before buying your old system, you could have added years to its lifetime while also saving on your monthly energy bills.

Whatever is making your system work harder is probably due to a combination of issues that only a proper energy assessment can find out.

But not all energy audits are created equal. Only certain home performance assessments are actually money saving tools. So the answer is that when looking to purchase an energy audit, you should find out what your getting in return.

The best home performance assessment will extend beyond an energy assessment to include a full home advisory report. That means looking for health and safety threats as well.

Radon, asbestos, mold, and carbon monoxide are just some of the dangers that most home-owners never pick up on until it’s too late. 

A top of the line energy audit will make sure that these problems are found and corrected when present in your home. That alone is worth a professional look.

Professional home energy assessments that return MUCH MORE than they cost also go beyond the energy survey by personalizing recommendations for the most affordable energy saving upgrades.

Home energy professionals should help you gain access to the many tax credits, rebates, and low interest financing that can help save you more money than you spend on energy efficiency improvements.

The best energy advisor will then quarterback the quality installation of your home energy upgrades…and then track and monitor your energy savings progress.

That’s exactly what an Energy Savers America energy audit does.

With Energy Savers America, the energy audit is meant to be the initial step in a relationship that will advise you on the road towards energy independence…just like your first appointment with your primary care physician is meant to be the foundation of a relationship to help you live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Your home is your greatest investment. So I’ll ask you… Is it worth getting an energy audit to see how a group of experts can help you manage that investment overtime?

No matter what…you can use the Energy Savers America audit report as a guide for as long as you live in your homeand that seems worth it.

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