Charity demonstrates lack of budget is no barrier to CHP energy savings

Trafford Community Leisure Trust has exploded the myth that organisations need to be cash rich to go green.

The charity is cutting carbon dioxide emissions at three leisure centres by using ENER-G combined heat and power  (CHP) systems to generate its own low cost, energy efficient electricity and heat supplies.

The Trust is gaining the green benefits without any upfront investment in the cogeneration technology. Under ENER-G’s Discount Energy Purchase scheme, the investment is repaid through the guaranteed cost savings achieved  over the 10-year contract period.

ENER-G Sales and Marketing Director Ian Hopkins said: “The Discount Energy Purchase concept is very simple and is perfect for risk averse clients. We select and install a CHP system that converts primary fuel, such as natural gas,  into electricity and heat/cooling. Because the system is highly efficient, we can  charge less for electricity than energy supply companies, provide free heating and cooling and still recover adequate funds to pay the investment cost and ongoing maintenance of the system. Our clients can use their capital to fund core projects and sit back and enjoy bottom line savings.”


Steve Hayes of Trafford Community Leisure Trust, said: “This is a win-win energy saving solution in which we generate our own secure supply of low carbon electricity and heat, without any upfront investment. We can enjoy energy savings today – paid for via tomorrow’s savings. As a not-for-profit organisation,  every penny counts and as well as reducing our energy costs, we are also able to comply with environmental legislation and raise our environmental performance.


ENER-G has installed and commissioned three 70kW cogeneration systems at Altrincham, Sale and Stretford leisure centres. Collectively, the CHP units are achieving  annual carbon dioxide savings of  359 tonnes. This is equivalent to the environmental benefit of removing 120 cars from the road each year, or to the carbon sequestered annually by 294 acres of forest.


Combined heat and power – the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat – is almost twice as efficient as conventional power generation as the majority of heat is recovered and used on site, rather than wasted into the atmosphere. In addition, transmission losses are avoided.  CHP achieves  cost savings of up to 40% over electricity sourced from the grid and heat generated by on-site boilers. 

ENER-G, based in Salford, Greater Manchester, are Europe’s leading provider of small scale CHP systems. The company designs, builds, operates and maintains CHP units, with approximately half of the installed assets financed by ENER-G under its Discount Energy Purchase scheme. 


ENER-G’s CHP systems are available from 4kWe to over 10MWe in size and can be deployed across the commercial, industrial and public sectors. The company project manages and finances integrated energy solutions – combining CHP with solar, lighting, building controls and other energy saving technologies and services to provide cost and carbon reductions for organisations.


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