AmerenUE Launches US $24M Energy Efficiency Program for Businesses

Business customers throughout AmerenUE’s service territory now have US $24 million in incentives available to them to institute energy efficiency measures. UE’s new Business Energy Efficiency Program gives any non-residential customer planning to purchase and install qualifying energy efficiency upgrades incentives to cover the cost of making those improvements.

“This program is one of the best ways to help customers in an economic downturn upgrade their facilities to reduce their energy use and monthly bills,” said Steve Kidwell, VP of Regulatory Affairs and Energy Efficiency for UE. “In turn, this program will help UE reduce the demand on its system allowing us to defer building more generation and, therefore, saving money for all energy consumers.”

The Business Energy Efficiency Program currently offers two types of incentives. The Standard Incentive Program under which the participant can earn a fixed amount of cash for installing typical energy efficiency measures including, lighting, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration and motors.

Under the Custom Incentive Program participants will receive cash based on estimated energy savings that result from energy efficiency improvements on existing facilities. Included in the program are energy efficient equipment retrofits, facility modernization or industrial process improvements. The incentive may not exceed 50 percent of the total approved incremental project cost. All Custom Incentive Program projects require pre-approval.

To be eligible for Business Energy Efficiency Program funds, all qualifying equipment must be purchased and installed no earlier than February 11, 2009. The maximum annual incentive per individual site is $250,000, and the maximum annual incentive per individual customer is $500,000.

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