4 Advantages for Companies Looking to Go Green

Have you thought about taking your company to the green side lately? You’re not alone. A lot of companies have benefited from deciding to become more environmentally friendly. Let’s check out some of the advantages of going green.

Tax Breaks

Since many tax deductions and credits exist for business owners who go green, the decision to make your company more sustainable ends up paying off later when you do your business’s taxes. You should capitalize on any chance you have to improve the Earth-friendliness of your business’s infrastructure. There are all kinds of tax credits for eligible businesses. You can even change certain vehicles you use for your business into hybrids and get a tax credit for it. From huge businesses to small natural supplements company, going green can be a great way to save money on taxes.

Energy efficiency can also lead to tax credits. If you build an entirely new building, try using engineering that takes up a minimum amount of energy. If you find yourself upgrading your already existing spaces, try switching to energy-efficient appliances. It might help to hire or speak to someone with a degree in taxation who can offer you expertise on all the cuts you can make. 

Public Relations

Going green can only look good for your company. If you emphasize your Earth-friendly approach to business, you can gain positive attention from environmentally friendly consumers, which increase every day. Few people, if anybody, will think less of your company for making these decisions.

Try to incorporate your going green into your marketing campaign. Mention the green changes you’ve made, especially when you switch to recycled products or use any environmentally safe manufacturing processes. Donating some of your profits to a green cause also gives the same PR effect. If you are already green friendly like ecocleanedmonton.com then letting customers know is a great strategy!

Cost Savings

This benefit to going green adds on to the tax breaks. Going green seems more expensive at first, stopping a lot of companies from making the changes. But when you look at the tax breaks and combine that extra money with what you can save on energy costs thanks to your new, efficient set-up, it’s actually a great fiscal choice. Another way to save money is by modifying the office with new windows for an environmentally friendly space like the ones at ontarioexteriorsolutions.ca

It feels good to help the environment while also saving money. Something as simple as shutting off all electronics when not in use can save a lot of money for your company, even if it’s small.

Healthier Workplace

The Green Business Bureau’s website states that companies promoting healthier workplaces usually report a significant decrease in the number of employee sick days, averaging about 20 percent. That’s a lot of extra productivity and a lot less money paid out for sick leave or other medical benefits.

One of the best ways to help keep a place healthy, environmentally friendly, and safe is to use green cleaning products. Other cleaning products have harsh chemicals that hurt both the environment and the people working with them, especially if they have it on their skin for too long or inhale too much of it. You can also offer organic foods if you provide food at work.

The advantages for making the work place more earth-friendly go on and on. Don’t waste your own time, money and energy dealing with outdated processes. Start making your company better by going green today.

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JT was born and raised in northern suburb of Detroit, MI and now resides in Tampa, FL where he graduated from USF with a major in environmental science and policy (ESP) and a minor in English. JT is currently working as a freelance writer and volunteers at the central Florida green building council. Ever since he was a kid he had a love for nature and animals and has been an eco-enthusiast since. JT has always tried his best to do his part to help the world be a cleaner, greener, more efficient place and has always tried get others involved as well.

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