Project Development

After being overwhelmed with responses to its request for additional wind power earlier this year, Bonneville Power Administration is warning landowners to learn quickly and to evaluate their wind assets because of agents pressing them to sign leases or royalty agreements.

During the past, subsidies to nuclear power in Britain amounted to more than US$14 billion and the environmental group Greenpeace wants the government to phase out all nuclear reactors in that country and to massively increase its targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The outgoing governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, has warned that the state has some tough decisions ahead to meet its future energy needs. Among other things, he says Vermont should look to renewable energy.
Wind Power

Two warnings in the last month have come from the Worldwatch Institute that the U.S. may be left behind in the race to apply renewable technologies to three of the world's most pressing energy-related problems.

One of the best-known companies in the field of wave-powered generating stations, WaveGen has attracted government funding in Britain of £1.67 million toward the development of the world's first floating mini power station using wave power.