Solar enjoys tremendous advantages over conventional power. It’s cleaner. It’s cheaper than traditional power in many parts of the world. And it’s popular with consumers. But there is also an often unrecognized aspect of solar that will play a leading role in further lowering costs and driving adoption.

Digitalisation is enabling renewable energy asset owners to gather, display, analyse and act on data more effectively than ever before, giving rise to astonishing technological developments in both performance monitoring and asset management. When used and managed effectively, data is an exceptionally powerful tool, helping us to identify trends, predict future problems, recognise investment opportunities...
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New Orleans is the most European of U.S. cities, a low-lying port founded by the French, run by the Spanish for a time and long one of America’s most popular destinations for tourists. It’s the entry and exit point for ships on global commercial voyages to and from the U.S. It has great ties to...
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On Tuesday, July 23, about 30 HydroVision attendees had to privilege of touring the 136-MW Lewis River hydropower plant located at the Merwin Dam in Ariel, Washington. The dam was constructed in 1931 and has four penstocks, which today feed three turbines. The turbines were installed in 1931, 1949 and 1958, respectively. The fourth penstock, which was the focus of much of the tour, is for fish passage.
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Enel Green Power North America announced on Thursday that it has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) between its subsidiary White Cloud Wind Project, LLC and Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. (AECI), a power utility based in Springfield, Missouri. In line with the agreement, AECI will purchase the entire output generated by the 236.5 MW White Cloud wind project, currently in development in Nodaway County, Missouri.