When You Support Re-Nuble’s Mission, You Also Support…

We’ve touched on this theme a bit in the past, explaining the benefits of Re-Nuble’s mission to restaurant owners and individual citizens.  But what about everyone else?  What do they gain by donating to our green crowdfunding campaign (besides the awesome perks we’ve got lined up)?

There are 3 broad categories of direct and indirect benefits – regardless of your political, economic, or social background.  Whether you’re a bigwig executive or a volunteer firefighter, below are just a handful of ways that Re-Nuble’s mission helps you and your community.

Environmental Protection

The first, and arguably most important, benefit is the environment.  Every dollar donated to Re-Nuble’s crowdfunding campaign moves the world closer to a zero-waste cycle of food production and renewable energy generation.

You benefit from:

  • Less overall waste in your community (we could stop the list right here).
  • Decreased use of limited, precious resources (i.e. fossil fuel, virgin forests, delicate ecosystems, endangered fishing waters, etc.).
  • Fewer pollutants in the air and water (due to less fossil fuel consumption and less organic waste in landfills – a major source of greenhouse gases).
  • A more sustainable cycle of food production, waste management, and green energy.

By itself, greening the planet makes donating $5 worth it.  Wouldn’t you shell out a few extra dollars to have cleaner air, healthier water, and a more sustainable world?

Admittedly, we realize that not everyone is as passionate about the environment as we are.  Intangibles like “a greener planet” are not always enough.  So let’s explore something everyone can get behind.

Local Green Economic Development

Re-Nuble tackles global problems with local solutions by ensuring that the renewable energy and all-natural fertilizers it creates from waste go to the very communities that originally created this waste.  There are no national supply lanes or international shipping routes involved.  We keep all resources within the local communities that we serve.

The end result?  Well, you benefit from:

  • More green job opportunities.  Even if you’re not personally in the market for a new job, you probably know folks who are.  And besides, more local jobs means more tax revenue.  This leads to better schools, safer roads, and less crime – all generated through activities that help the planet rather than hurt it.
  • More economic growth.  Your community relies on local resources to sustainably grow the food and generate the power it needs.  This approach to community scale renewable energy and sustainable farming can pay huge dividends at a time when cities across the country are hemorrhaging money by sourcing these things from abroad.

By joining Re-Nuble, not only are you helping to create new green jobs, but you also ensure that local money doesn’t leave the community.  This compound benefit is reason enough to make a small contribution.  But wait, there’s more.

Healthier Living for Everyone

We said earlier that saving the environment was arguably the most important benefit.  And within a much broader context, it is.  But who doesn’t want a healthier body?  We imagine that this is #1 on many people’s list.

If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck.  Re-Nuble actively partners with farmers that champion sustainability and health over agribusinesses that value profit above all else.  Rather than grow genetically modified foods harvested with petro-fertilizers, we’re fighting for a world in which local farmers use safe and humane methods of cultivating the food we eat.

End result?  You benefit from:

  • Safer and more delicious food.  The produce you buy from Re-Nuble’s partners use organic fertilizers and natural seeds rather than laboratory concoctions.  Consequently, you have fewer toxins in your body.
  • Cleaner air and water.  This benefit was also in the “save the environment” section, but it deserves a second mention here.  The chemicals that non-sustainable farmers use don’t simply affect our food.  They also contaminate the air and water.  The same goes with waste that doesn’t get recycled.  When left to rot in landfills, this waste releases pollutants into the environment, and thus, your body.
  • More humane working conditions.  Okay – this is not a direct benefit to you.  But wouldn’t you feel better knowing that the people who grow your food are treated fairly?  You get that peace of mind when you shop from local farmers who champion Re-Nuble’s mission.  You take your chances whenever you go with multinationals, who as mentioned, are driven by profit more than anything else.

Help Us Help You by Donating to Our Green Crowdfunding Campaign

The benefits outlined above are not simply hopes and desires.  They represent the very real outcomes of a very attainable zero-waste model.  But we’re still many weeks away from putting this model into action.

You and your friends can help move us closer.  By donating $5 or more to our green crowdfunding campaign, you can help us launch Re-Nuble – first in the DC area and then to other towns and cities across the country.  For the price of a latte or hamburger, you can make a social investment in your community that will continue to pay economic, health, and environmental dividends for decades to come.

So check out our green crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.com and take that next step.  And don’t forget to look at some of the perks.


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Re-Nuble’s mission is to responsibly manage limited, local resources at minimal cost to the environment. By recycling organic waste into all-natural fertilizer and green energy, the company hopes to replace society’s current linear model of waste with a closed, sustainable loop.

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