Transelec to make Chile’s transmission grid more efficient, secure and greener

(29 June, London) Ahead of a major renewables conference to be held in Santiago de Chile on 4-5 September 2012, Transelec’s VP of Business Development, Eric Ahumada speaks to Green Power Conferences about their plans to incorporate renewables into the mix.

Mr. Ahumada outlined Transelec’s willingness to “collaborate with international partners to introduce innovative technologies that can make our transmission grid more efficient, secure and environmentally friendly.” He went on to say, “We are particularly interested in technologies to upgrade or repower our existing transmission assets in order to respond to a society that demands more efficient and less-invasive transmission infrastructure.”

As Chile faces an energy crisis, the government has stepped in to promote renewables, with a national energy strategy that creates a promising future market for renewables in Chile. Mr. Ahumada listed the proposals the Chilean government is considering, including [the] “creation of a geo-referenced database containing relevant information investors will need to make decisions about siting a NCRE project; new rules for tenders have been proposed that will allow NCRE projects or investors to sell their energy output collectively, get better prices and be more competitive; a new renewable energy institution and financial instruments have been proposed in order to support the sector’s growth, as well as the development of technology-specific strategies to address the variety of technical obstacles specific to each type of NCRE. In addition, subsidies and incentives for pilot projects are being promoted as a means of facilitating NCRE integration into the grid.”

The full text of Mr. Ahumada’s interview is online:

Mr. Ahumada will join around 60 speakers and 300 attendees at the Chilean International Renewable Energy Congress, which takes place on the 4-5 September 2012 and is organised by the renewables experts at Green Power Conferences.  

“By gathering key developers active in Chile, the event creates a focal point for the industry to do deals, learn about the work already done in Chile and get a better understanding of the underlying policy that will help the industry grow.” said Jo-Anne Duff, CIREC Event Director. “Chile is the hottest new market for renewables and the fact that people already committed are from companies headquartered in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Philippines Spain, United Kingdom, USA and, of course, Chile shows just how much interest there is in building up a sustainable Chilean renewables industry.”

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