Stopping Heat Loss is one of the Best Energy Saving Projects That You Can Do At Home

If you have several air leaks in the home, you could be losing up to half of the heat in your home. This usually means that you have to consume a lot more energy in order to keep your house warm, especially during cold weather or at night.

Sealing air leaks is therefore a worthy energy saving project in your home and is probably the best energy saving project that you can do. Doing so will tremendously improve your energy bill and, for example, reduce complaints due to high energy bills.

This project doesn’t have to be expensive or take too much time. If your house was constructed recently, according to energy standards, you will have very few changes, if any, to make.

Whether you need to make big changes or just small ones, either way, the changes will be substantial enough for you to want to pay close attention to how you can best do this project.

There are several places in the home that can account for heat loss in the home, and they can be from the roof to the foundation. However, the most common points of heat loss are;

  • Spaces between doors and windows
  • Cracks in your houses foundation
  • Unsealed fixtures like ventilation outlets

Air leaks in the home are easy to miss because they seem insignificant and are usually not in plain sight. The cumulative effect of these leaks can however cause substantial heat loss.

It is therefore important to find the air leaks and then block them.

Finding the air leaks

There are two main ways to find air leaks within the home.

1. A DIY home leaks test

The best time to find air leaks in the home is when it is windy. It will be easy to use a smoke pencil around places you suspect that are potential sources of air leaks.

It will be best to do this methodically from corner to corner in one room then move to the next room. If you don’t have a smoke pencil, you could use tissue or a strand of hair.

2. Blower door fan test

You could also get a certified energy adviser to do the air leaks test for you. He/she will use a powerful fan called a blower door fan that is mounted to an exterior door of your house.

The blower door fan draws air out of the house and creates a low pressure area inside the house. High pressure from outside the house tries to rush into the house and naturally tries to go through leaks.

This test can help determine where the leaks are located and at what rate the leaks are causing heat loss from your house. 

Blocking the air leaks

Depending on whether you choose to get a contractor, you want a DIY job or you need to make big or small changes depending on the leaks, the cost of the project will be relative. You could source for cheap parts and learn to do the job yourself and the project won’t cost you much.

Caulking is the best tried and tested way to seal any air leaks.

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