Solar, politics and rediscovering extinct species…


Aaaaarrrghhh. There are too many things going on, and I have been simply neglecting the blog. Work at the NGO is busy, I have been travelling all around the country to various events, and I am currently working on a big project on solar technology, which taking up a lot of time… add to that we are enjoying a wonderful summer in London, and it has been hard to put much effort into the online communications….

I’ll try and write something meaningful in the coming weeks…. promise…

In the meantime here is link to some of the work I was involved in on Ascension Island. I can’t claim any of the credit, as the discovery was already made before I got there, but I did work with team on other stuff, and I think I even took the photo in this article…. plus, they did discover an extinct species….

Extinct fern rediscovered on remote island

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