The cost of the Lower Churchill is estimated to be around 10 Billion Dollars with cost over runs. 

Newfoundland has approximately 500,000 people therefore it would cost each of us about $20,000 plus interest over the next 30 to 40 years. 

The first phase of the project known as Muskrat Falls would produce about 824 Mega Watts of power and it is expected to be in operation in 2017.

We are currently paying about 10.5 cents per kilowatt however we will be paying about 16.5 cents per kilowatt when Muskrat Falls is complete.

The second phase of the project known as Gull Island would produce 2250 Mega Watts of power and will not be built until there is a need for more power.

I have no objection to big business building the lower Churchill and making big bucks as long as they pay for it them selves.

However I don’t think we should be burdened with the cost of building it and then having to pay more for the electricity we use from it.

From what I see there are no benefit to the people of Newfoundland except for the jobs that will be created and that will only be for a couple of years.

I can imagine that when people reach the age of retirement  they will have to hand over their entire pension check just to pay the electric bill.


Until 2011 Newfoundland was the only Province in Canada that did not have the Net Metering system in place. This is also known as Grid Tie whereby the power company pays us for the extra power we produce.

I have been told by Newfoundland power that the Infrastructure is now in place for Individuals to produce their own power and to feed the excess power into the grid.

However I am still waiting for them to let me know how to get started is has been Three months since i called them and they still have not replied. 

I am currlenty producing my own power to run my house and I would like to feed the excess into the Grid.

A  Kilowatt is 1000 watts   KW

A Megawatt is 1000 Kilowatts   MW

There are about 236,000 homes in Newfoundland and each home uses an average of One Kilowatt per hour therefore we use 236 Mega Watts per Hour.

If every house hold in Newfoundland produced Four Kilowatts, of electricity per hour through Wind and Solar then that would be a total of 944,000 Kilo Watts per hour or 944 Mega Watts.

Then we would subtract the 236,000 Kilowatt or 236 Mega Watts we would use for our own homes this would leave 709.000 Kilowatt or 709 Mega Watts to feed the grid.

If we include the business’s in this Province then we would be producing more power the then Muskrat Falls.

However this is not likely to happen until the people of this Province get fed up with their electric bills going through the roof and having to decide weather they will eat or have lights and heat.

If the Government is forecasting that we will be paying 16.5 cents per kilowatt then we should be expecting to be paying a lot more then that.


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