Features of making a wood pellet plant design

Features of making a wood pellet plant design
When you are planning on purchasing a wood pellet plant design, you must consider many aspects from materials to equipment and the complete working process for crushing, pelletizing, cooling as well as bagging your wood pellets accordingly.
Understand the characters of the material.
The materials for wood pellet production are difficult to compress so the machine they need usually operate at a lower speed. A wood pellet mill has several distinct features that make it more suitable for wood pellet production. Wood pellet equipment operates at a lower speed to provide more torque and power. More heat is also needed. As grass is an easier material to compress compared to wood, grass pellet equipment generally operates at higher speeds. There is also a lot more load on the bearings of wood pellet equipment, and consumable parts, such as the rollers and die, generally can’t last as long as grass mill does.
Choose the right type of pellet mill used on the plant.
The equipment used to produce pellets varies depending on the raw material that is being processed. Material density, particle size and moisture content all have significant effects on productivity and quality. There are two key designs of pellet mill, either the flat die or ring die design. With flat die designs predominantly used for small scale pellet mill, and ring die designs used for large scale pellet equipment, except for the Mini Pellet Mill.
Some details during the process required for a complete plant.
For one, you need equipment whose crushing system has been designed including all the necessary parts. The other is the drying system, ensuring the rotary dryer is in place. Besides, we also need to understand more on cooling and pelletizing as well as the best coolers that apply in the processing of wood pellets. The last feature involves sieving and packing. The purpose of the sieve is to separate granules of broken wood pellets from the complete ones. You need to make sure that the equipment that you purchase has all the features in place regarding sieving and packaging ready for market.  

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