Customized Reverse Logistics / Depot Repair Service Solutions

Since 1981 Advanced Technical Services has provided Forward and Reverse Logistics, Remanufacturing, Repair and Assembly solutions to customers worldwide.
Our clients trust us to help manage their supply chain and provide them with high-quality, low-cost programs, services and solutions. Through a continuing commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction we offer customized solutions that ensure our customer’s needs are met and their operations are improved.

Whether your returns process is currently not running as planned or you are considering a new approach to returns management in the future, ATS can provide useful information and a free returns processing analysis to help you make a more informed decision.

  • Returns place an undeniable amount of stress on already constrained company resources. ATS Reverse Logistics solutions help relieve pressure from your operation by seamlessly processing returns and product exchange orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Customized Assembly, Testing, and Kitting & Packing programs created by ATS highlight our Forward Logistics expertise and enable customers to focus their resources on research and development and other core company initiatives.
  • Our team of highly trained and skilled technicians ensures that our product Test & Repair process is completed thoroughly and efficiently. ATS customizes reverse logistics and repair programs to meet the specialized needs of our clients’ products.
  • Our detailed Kitting & Packaging plans ensure shipments received by customers include all necessary components, accessories and instructions.
  • ATS works diligently to minimize the environmental impact of all its work. Our environmental initiatives reclaim and recycle usable parts and components for our customers whenever possible. Every year ATS recycles more and more units, assemblies and components to help improve our environment.

With ATS helping to manage critical supply chain functions our clients are better able to spend their valuable time and resources on needed company activities such as Marketing, Research & Development, and other key business growth initiatives.
Take a closer look at our Services to learn how our experience and commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction will benefit your company, its customers and its bottom line. Contact us today to discuss your needs and the ATS program that will best fit your unique situation.

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ATS designs, develops and implements third party logistics solutions for our clients that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chain. We offer a complete menu of reverse logistics and depot repair services that will add value and reduce costs in your operation.

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