Another Method of Communication…

Spring is here. That means it’s time for something new.

As you can tell, we’ve just rolled out some major changes to the site — one of which is this blog. We’re hoping to open up the conversation with our audience so you can get a better sense of what we’re doing and so we can know more about you. For a list of some of those changes and to learn how you can participate on this blog, check out the previous posts from our publisher, Oliver Strube.

I feel very fortunate to have grown a responsive, dedicated crowd of listeners to our weekly podcast, Inside Renewable Energy. I often get many questions from listeners about topics we’re covering on the show and about industry developments generally. Sometimes, they are difficult to keep up with. I hope to use this forum to respond to some of those questions and comments.

We’ve amassed a powerful team of writers and columnists on this site. This blog portal is another opportunity to streamline that content and continue the conversation with all of you.

Stay posted.

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