5 Things That Will Save Energy Costs in Your Home

Conserving energy is at the forefront of most homeowners’ minds. Changing your energy consumption habits at home is not only good for the environment; it is also good for your pocket.

A company such as utility warehouse has come up with a creative way of saving you money by bundling your bills. Many consumers don’t know how bundling service works and this has generated several complaints. You should call the company to get first-hand information on how to save money with their services.

In addition to bundled services, below are a few energy consumption adjustments that you can make in your home to save you money:

1. Prevent heat loss

You could be losing a lot of energy in your home through openings in windows, spaces below your doors and gaps in the floor boards.

Perform simple tests for draughts on all these areas and then use filler and weather-stripping to treat all areas that bring in draught. After the treatment, your house will hold more warmth and not require as much heating as before.

2. Turn off your electric appliances

If you are not using any appliances, you should turn them off. You might be in the habit of turning on your music systems and electronics whenever you enter the house and even leaving them on when you are not in the room.

Even when on standby, electronic appliances still consume power. Always turn off all appliances when not in use.

Make it a habit to turn off the lights when you leave the room.

3. Change your water heating systems

The type of water heater that you have in your home could be costing you a lot of money. A storage tank heating system heats all the water in the tank and this is wasteful as you may not need to use all of it. Instant water heaters or tankless heaters are a good way of ensuring you heat only the water that you need.

You should insulate your water pipes to ensure that the water is kept at a reasonable temperature and doesn’t require too much heating before use.

It is also advisable to replace your bath time with shower time as bath tubs take more water to fill up, hence more heating.

In the long run, you might want to consider investing in a solar water heating system as this will tremendously cut your power bill.

4. Mind your washing machine settings

Adjust your washing machine settings to suit your load. For instance, not all your laundry requires hot water, so use the hot water setting when extremely necessary. As well, if you have to load your washing machine, wait until you have enough laundry for a full wash.

Clothes dryers consume a lot of energy. If you have a yard, put up some clothes lines and hang your clothes out to dry.

5. Change out your light bulbs

Energy saving bulbs are sure way to save you money. Whereas the initial cost of buying an energy saving bulb is higher than buying an incandescent bulb, do not let that deter you because you will recover the cost by paying a smaller electricity bill.

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