100% Financing

100% Financing

SMART BUSINESS CONSULTING SOLUTIONS LLP (“SBCS”) is a business consulting firm that collaborates with various reliable business consulting companies and financial services companies in USA that are in a direct relationship with Lender/Investor underwriting groups who provides financing for USA and International Projects utilizing 100% Financing:

As an alternative, the Capitalization Program is a unique and verifiable financing solution, offering highly attractive loan terms for businesses and projects that qualify. Our business partners are now accepting introductory discussions with business or project principals. To qualify for discussion, the entity or project must demonstrate strong economic potential with the ability to develop net revenues at a level well exceeding prospective annual debt service requirements within two to three years of funding.

Benefits of the Capitalization Program:

  • Three year payment holiday – deferred to a flat balloon payment at the end of the loan term
  • Flat annual payments
  • 100% financing of the project
  • 100% financing of operational capital and fees
  • No personal guarantees
  • The project is not encumbered by a mortgage
  • The program requires no equity from the Project*
  • All net program expenses are reimbursed and/or paid by the program at the time of funding*
  • No net fees to the project-No draw fees, No interest Payments during project build-out and/or construction*
  • No oversight during or after funding (subject to program terms and conditions)
  • Specialists involved have a history of funding this type of program

* Independent project consultant fees apply and are billed separately. The funding group (Lender) cannot and will not require equity from the project. However, the project and the independent consultants may negotiate compensation in the form of a fee, equity, or a combination of both.

Minimum Funding Request Requirement: $38M (USD); Typical range is between $38M and $300M and larger; however projects over $300 million may require two or more separate funding tranches.

The program offers two levels of financing:

The Micro Capitalization Program offers an eighteen (18) year term for projects requiring from $38 million to $50 million; Approximate annual payment = $3.2MM for 18 years on $50MM*.

The Large Capitalization Program offers a 10 year loan term for projects requiring funding over $50 million; Approximate payment of $1.6MM per $1MM of proceeds over 10 years*.

*actual annual payments calculated during due diligence

While the Large Capitalization Program has no practical funding limit, projects over $300 million may require two or more separate funding tranches.

Either level of the Capitalization Program may offer a three year payment holiday whereby the first three years of debt service payments can either be spread evenly through the remainder of the repayment term, or deferred to the end of the repayment term as a single flat balloon payment (no additional interest cost).

The above outlined program is subject to change in regard to rate and terms and other conditions.

If you are serious about securing funding, please email us a 1 to 5 page Executive Overview to:

 >>Download PDF document

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Currently CEO and Partner in Smart Business Consulting Solutions LLP company in UK. Our company provides with a range of consulting services, prepares Business Plans, provides with funding solutions for various projects and alternative enrgy projects, too. Our company works into partnership with various companies in UK, Germany and other collaborators worldwide.

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