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Articles contributed by experts in the renewable energy industry.

Community Resilience Hub in Petersburg, VA. Photo shared by Queen Zakia Shabazz.

Clean Energy Groups Technical Assistance Fund: 2021 Year-in-Review

At the end of each year Clean Energy Group assesses our largest regrant program, the Resilient Power Technical Assistance Fund. This year-in-review blog overviews projects, successes, lessons learned and goals for the new year.

Quick fix: Why FERC should approve the SOO Green transmission project

SOO Green is a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) merchant transmission project that aims to bring Midwest renewable resources to PJM

COP26 a washout? Don’t lose hope – here’s why

It’s going to take time for the dust to settle but for now, let’s be heartened by the fact that the Glasgow sessions have once again put renewables on the agenda.

New Mexico co-op dumps monopoly supplier to offer more solar

A cooperative in New Mexico is connecting customers to affordable solar energy and reliable Internet service.
Flooded oil refinery in Southern Louisiana following Hurricane Ida. Photo Credit: US Coast Guard via Flickr 

Build Louisiana Back Resilient

Like Hurricane Katrina and numerous storms before it, Hurricane Ida demolished Louisiana’s outdated, fossil-fuel dependent energy system. It’s time for Louisiana leadership to prioritize resilient solutions over continued fossil-fuel investment.

Des Moines, Iowa commits to 24/7 clean electricity

The Des Moines City Council unanimously passed a resolution for 100% clean electricity by 2035.
Photo Credit: steve docwra/Bigstock.com

Exploring Europe’s approach to offshore wind and green hydrogen

Interest in using offshore wind for green hydrogen production across Europe is driven by large offshore wind capacity targets, declining offshore wind costs, favorable policies, carbon prices, and a focus on economy-wide decarbonization. Pilot projects are underway, yet significant obstacles remain to wide-scale implementation.
clean energy stocks

10 Clean Energy Stocks for 2021: November

It was a good month for clean energy stocks as well as the broader stock market, with the portfolio up 4% for a 20% total return through the end of October.
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At PJM, prefabricated substations might speed up interconnecting renewables

In addition to learning from MISO's experience, PJM should work with its transmission owners to build substations where renewables connect to the transmission grid
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On batteries, minerals, the circular economy, and finite supply

As the fossil fuel industry rages against the dying of the gas light, they continue to work to plant doubt about an economy centered around solar and wind paired with battery storage.