Ze-gen Opens Waste Gasification Facility in Massachusetts

Ze-gen, Inc., a clean energy company providing advanced gasification technology to convert waste streams into synthetic natural gas and low emissions electrical energy, marked the opening of its newly constructed demonstration facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

“The company strives to not only provide an environmentally preferable alternative to landfilling but also provides the City of New Bedford with job creation and opportunities for economic growth,” said Mayor Scott Lang of New Bedford.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) awarded Ze-gen with operational permits at the end of 2006, which allow the demonstration plant to operate for 12 months. This limited-time operation will allow Ze-gen to collect all the data on the system and the resulting synthetic gas needed to design a full-scale facility.

The facility is located at New Bedford Waste Services, LLC (NBWS) in New Bedford, Massachusetts. NBWS’s facility has been site assigned by the City of New Bedford and permitted by DEP to handle, process and transfer up to 1,500 tons per day of C&D material, municipal solid waste (MSW) and scrap tires.

“Ze-gen’s gasification process is an important experiment in using an innovative technology and different feedstocks to generate clean energy,” said David Cash, Assistant Secretary for Policy, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. “We are eager to see the results of the test operations.”

“This is the first step in testing the mechanics of our operation and will allow us to perfect our technology and position us for the launch of a full-scale facility,” said Bill Davis, President and CEO of Ze-gen. “We’re encouraged to have such enthusiastic support from the City of New Bedford, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and other state entities.”

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