XL Dairy Group Becomes XL Renewables: From Corn to Algae

Phoenix-based biorefinery developer XL Dairy Group has changed its name to XL Renewables. The company is currently developing the Vicksburg Biorefinery, a $260 million, 2,700-acre site about 100 miles west of Phoenix that will , which will begin operations in 2008 as a self-contained biorefinery Plans to efficiently and cost-effectively produce high-grade ethanol, biodiesel, milk and dairy products and animal feed include 100 percent of the energy required to run the plant. The company also has developed proprietary technology to produce large quantities of algae biomass for use as a feedstock for ethanol and biodiesel production. At full capacity, the Vicksburg Biorefinery will produce more than 54 million gallons of ethanol, five million gallons of biodiesel and 110,000 tons of animal feeds. The first phase of the project will use corn as the primary feedstock while phase two is expected to be algae-based.
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