Xethanol Increases Cellulosic Ethanol Production Rates

Xethanol has announced that its latest laboratory research results show significant increases in the rate of cellulosic ethanol production. Researchers working at the Forest Products Laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture in Madison, Wisconsin are developing technology to reduce the net cost of renewable fuel made from wood and agricultural residue. Dr. Thomas Jeffries leads that effort.

The research reportedly has improved the rate of ethanol production from xylose wood sugar by 22 percent and has increased the ethanol yield by 11 percent as compared to the control strain of yeast.

“This is more evidence our research and technology strategy is taking the company in the right direction – potentially reducing the cost of making ethanol from non-corn sources, and helping our country cut its dependence on foreign oil,” said David Ames, president and CEO of Xethanol.
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