Woronoco Hydropower Project Gets Low Impact Certification

The Low Impact Hydropower Institute has determined that the Woronoco Hydroelectric Project, located on the Westfield River in Russell, Mass., meets LIHI certification criteria.

LIHI certification for the 2.7-MW Woronoco Hydroelectric Project is granted for 5-year term expiring on Jan. 28, 2015.

The Low Impact Hydropower Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of hydropower generation through the certification of hydropower projects that have avoided or reduced their environmental impacts pursuant to the institute’s criteria.

The LIHI certification for the Woronoco hydro project is conditioned, as set forth below, upon the applicant in 2011 commencing and completing, on a pre-established schedule and using pre-approved methods and sample sizes, downstream fish passage effectiveness testing for at its facility for Atlantic salmon and American eel, and demonstrating to LIHI from the results of that effectiveness testing that the downstream fish passage measures in place at the facility are appropriately protective of the Atlantic salmon and American eel that are attempting to move through the facility area.

The voluntary LIHI program is designed to help consumers identify environmentally sound, low-impact hydropower facilities.

Certification under the program means the owner can market the project as a certified low-impact facility.

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