Worldwide Mergers and Acquisitions

This year the Renewable Energy industry saw its share of consolidations, mergers and acquisitions – and the big are getting bigger. Among those that caught our attention was GE Power Systems acquiring the assets of Enron Wind from its floundering parent company; Shell Renewables continuing its emergence as an industry giant with its Siemens Solar joint venture buyout; Schott Applied Power and RWE Solutions forming a joint venture, that brought SAP, RWE Solar and ASE Americas together as RWE-Schott Solar; plus multiple large hydro mergers in Canada. Will this trend continue creating larger and larger companies vying for market share? Stay tuned in 2003.

Key related stories from 2002: GE Wind Energy Launched – 5/14/2002 GE Power Systems has officially entered the wind power industry with the acquisition of Enron Wind complete. Consolidation Planned in Solar PV Industry – 2/1/2002 Shell Renewables will buy out a joint venture with Siemens and E.ON to become one of the larger PV companies in the world. RWE Solar, ASE Americas, Schott Create Joint Venture – 11/13/2002 RWE Solutions AG and Schott Glas have consummated a manufacturing and marketing joint venture of their solar photovoltaic (PV) subsidiaries to form RWE Schott Solar.


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